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Business Meeting

Results Mining

During the scientific research process many unidentified exploitable results are generated.

We will uncover your hidden possibilities and their exploitable markets.

Discussing the Numbers

Project Risk Analysis

The journey from an Idea to Innovation is off-road.


We analyze the barriers and obstacles by risk assessment and mitigation, to increase your way to success.

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Exploitation Strategy

Are you swimming in a red or blue ocean?

We will help you to uncover your market and how to engage your customers.


Business Modelling

Entrepreneurship is a story, let's look for an happy ending.


We will highlight business variables, provide the method and the storytelling.

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Analysing the Numbers

Business Plan

Did you know that many ongoing business do not have one?


We will screen your company and provide you the way to cut costs, increase sales efficiency and expand your market.

Investment Chart

Investors Targeting

Ideas needs help to be called innovations.


We will assess if you really need an investor, what type and at what conditions.

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Social Gathering

Brokerage Events

Business is based on networking.

We will prepare you and your pitch. We will get you with your stakeholders and investors.

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Intellectual Property Assistance

Be safe. Secure your intangible assets.


We will assess for infringements, perform an innovation analysis and provide the best solution of protection.

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Upcoming Events & Trainings

  • RESEARCH PROJECT CANVAS: Train your self in project proposals.
    Time is TBD
    Barcelona and elsewhere
    Do you want to learn how to write a successful project proposal? We develop a storytelling step-by-step model to make you deliver the best proposal.
  • Engage your customers!
    Time is TBD
    Barcelona and Elsewhere
    Time is TBD
    Barcelona and Elsewhere
  • Start-up Dream
    On demand
    Barcelona and Elsewhere
    On demand
    Barcelona and Elsewhere
    Building a start-up is the dream or the nightmare of your life? We will help you simulate your business from your idea, having a taste of a risk analysis. You will end up with your business model.
  • Business Basics for Scientists
    On demand
    Barcelona and Elsewhere
    On demand
    Barcelona and Elsewhere
    Do you know the difference between an Idea and Innovation? Are you thinking in creating a start-up? We will provide you the basics to plan your own company considering all variables!
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